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RC-CAM - The On-Board Video Camera System For RC Models...

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The RC-CAM System in detail...

500mW Systems Now Available... Please contact us for more details...

RC-CAM – The On-Board Camera System for RC Models. A miniature sized On-board camera system for all RC Hobbyists, Transmitting Live High Quality COLOUR Video and Audio.

The RC-CAM unit has been specially Designed and Built by Allendale Electronics for use in RC Models and has many built in features including Miniature Size, Lightweight, low Power Consumption, DCS (Dual Camera System), On-board Audio, Easy Operation, Power-on LED indicator, 4-selectable channels, High Resolution Camera with Fully Adjustable Focus.

The RC-CAM is available with two power outputs 10mW and 500mW. The 10mW is licence free for use in the UK, the 500mW requires a licence for use within the UK, please contact us Sales@rc-cam.co.uk for more details on licensing requirements.

RC-CAM on board an Easy Pigeon
RC-CAM in an Speed 500 Easy Pigeon

Please Visit our Video Gallery to see some of the sample footage taken using RC-CAM.

= No licence required for use within the UK (10mW only) = DCS (Dual Camera System) = 9V battery operated

= 10mW Range up to 400 ft or 1200+ ft with ‘Yagi’ Antenna (dependant on conditions)

= 500mW Range up to 2km (dependant on conditions)

= 4 Selectable channels - have up to four systems running simultaneously = Reverse polarity protected

= Low Power consumption (10mW = 90mA) = Light weight – 98 grams, 3.4oz (includes battery and camera)

= High Resolution Camera’s (628 x 582), with adjustable Focus



RC-CAM Transmitter Module...

Dual Camera System Allows you to have Two Cameras per model and using only one RC-CAM unit to transmit, simply plug the Video Transmitter Module into any channel of your receiver in the model, and then using your transmitter handset to switch between the two Cameras. The point in which the camera’s switches over is fully adjustable using the trimmer on the Video Transmitter Unit.

Example of the DCS (Dual Camera System)…

1. When the car is travelling forwards the camera in the front of the model is active.

2. When the car reverses the camera instantly and automatically switches over to activate the camera mounted in the rear.

Recording the Footage – The video footage can be stored using a Camcorder or standard Video Recorder unit, or Laptop/PC (if supported on PC/Laptop) simply plug the receiver unit with the leads supplied in the RC-CAM kit into your TV, Camcorder or VCR to view or/and record the video footage.

RC-CAM Technical Specification...

Weight 10 grams (0.3 oz)
Dimensions  22 x 22 x 28 mm
Imager  1/3” CMOS image sensor
Picture Element PAL: 628(H) x 582(V)
NTSC: 510(H) x 492(V)
Lens F6.0mm F1.6
FOV51º x 43º
Current Consumption 10mA @ 5 volts
(No load)
 Weight 55 grams (1.8oz) 
 Dimensions 65 x 32 x 12 mm
 Audio On-board microphone
 RF Output Power 10mW
 Channel Frequencies 2.414, 2.432, 2.450,
and2.468 GHz
Current Consumption 90mA approx
(With 1 Camera)

Camera Module with 25cm Lead
(Longer Camera Leads are available upto 2.5 Meters long)

RC-CAM Receiver Unit
RC-CAM Receiver Unit...
RC-CAM Receiver Unit (rear view)
Dimensions 11.5 x 6 x 3.2 cm
Video Output 1V p-p (NTSC / PAL)
Audio Output 3V p-p (PAL)
1V p-p (NTSC)
Antenna 4.5dB Dipole Antenna
Frequency 2.414,  2.432,  2.450,
and 2.468 GHz
Operating Voltage 9 - 12 V DC
Operating Current 300 mA

The RC-CAM Receiver Plugs into directly into a  TV, Camcorder, VCR, PC/Laptop
(Only PC/Laptop Graphics Card Supports Composite Video).

Click Here to Download the RC-CAM info Pack [ .PDF 357Kb ]



RC-CAM Kit Contents...

Please Note: The Above photo does not show the complete contents, as more parts are included, please see below list...

Compact Transmitter (TX-888), Dual Camera System option, Antenna (2dB), On-board Microphone, 4 Channel Select Switch,

Receiver Unit (RX-555), with 4 selectable Channels (manual or automatic selectable), 4.5dB Antenna, 9-12V input and output, Mounting Bracket

Colour Camera, High Resolution, adjustable Focus, Lens cover.

Car 12V Power lead, 6.5 meters long, Fused, LED indicator.

Video and Audio Lead, 1 meter long.

Detailed User Manual, including tips on getting the most from RC-CAM.

Manufactured in the UK with Pride
by Allendale Electronics Ltd.


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