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Frequently Asked Questions...

If you have any questions regarding our RC-CAM system please contact us FAQ@rc-cam.co.uk and we will be happy to answer your questions

Is it Legal?  

            Yes, RC-CAM transmits on a 2.4GHz band with an output power of 10mW, which is legal for use within the UK without any Licensing required. RC-CAM is also Legal for use in many other countries please check our website for further details.

More Power?  

            Yes, RC-CAM is available in a 200mW and 500mW versions, subject to licensing, Please contact us for further information.

How can I store the video footage?

            There are several ways that the footage from RC-CAM can be displayed and stored including:

     Camcorder (if supported)

     Standard Video recorder

     PC graphics card (if supported)

     PC USB Video capture device

What is the range?

             Using the standard receiver antenna supplied, RC-CAM has a range of approximately 400ft (or 130m) (dependant on local conditions). To increase range and performance we recommend that the ‘Yagi’ Antenna is used on the receiver unit, this will give a range of approximately 1200ft (or 400m) (dependant on local conditions).

What is the Camera resolution?

             The camera has a resolution of 628 x 528 pixels, in comparison TV broadcasting (eg BBC etc..) is broadcasted with a resolution of 800 x 640.

Is there Audio?

             Yes, RC-CAM has an on-board microphone, which has a pick up area of approximately 1-2 meters.

What is DCS?

             DCS (Dual Camera System), This allows the user to have two camera modules on the model, and using your transmitter handset you are able to switch between the two cameras. The point in which the cameras switch over is fully adjustable.

Do I need a spare channel to use DCS?

            No, If no spare channels are available you can also plug RC-CAM to your receiver via a ‘Y’ Lead.

Do I have to use a 9V PP3 for the transmitter?

             No, RC-CAM uses a 5V voltage regulator and can therefore have an input voltage range between 6.5v to 15volts, it is however recommended that a 9V PP3 is used. It is recommended that you do not use the same battery pack on your receiver to power RC-CAM.

Will my Electric motor interfere with the RC-CAM Transmitter?

             No, We have tested RC-CAM with a wide variety of electric motor powered models with various different speed controllers, with no interference to the video or audio. We have put much development time in the design of RC-CAM to ensure that maximum screening and suppression of any possible Electrical noise, to allow RC-CAM to give its maximum performance.



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