DCS (Dual Camera System)

The Dual Camera System allows to fit two camera's in your model using the same transmitter unit, simply plug our unit into your receiver in the model then using your transmitter to switch between the two camera's. The point in which the camera's switch over can be fully adjusted using an trimmer on the transmitter unit. The transmitter can be plugged directly into spare receiver of channel or using a 'Y' lead can be connected to any channel, Below is just one of many of the possible combinations for using the DCS.

Sample use of the Dual Camera System in radio controlled car...

Above: - When the car is travelling forwards the camera in the front of the model is active.

Below: -When the car goes into reverse the camera instantly and automatically switches over to activate the camera mounted in the rear.

Another great example for DCS is to place a camera on the end of each wing tip, So when the plane banks to the left then the left camera will activated, and when the plane banks to the right then the right camera will activated.


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